Friday, March 11, 2016

Screen to dressing screen

Hello all.  I hope all is good and you are enjoying some early sunshine as I am.  

I had this collection of 6 large screens and finally got around to tinkering with them.  For this project, I used 3 screens.

Here is what the screens look like when I got them.

I removed the screens, then cleaned them up real good.

The next step was to add a decorative top.  These were created by using some scrap plywood I had and cutting out a shape.  Next, I glued on some appliques.

I painted 3 screens with their new decorative tops in a creamy white. (I mixed the whites I had on hand).

I added just a touch of cocoa on the edges for a shabbier look.

I sewed some curtains using a drop cloth.  The color is perfect and the fabric is cheap.

To attach the curtains I picked up 6 of these cheap curtain rods so the fabric would be attached at the top and bottom of each screen.

 The screens were attached with hinges so they could be folded for storage or made smaller for space.

A nice shabby addition for behind a couch or to partition off a room.

Happy sunshine!