Wednesday, September 9, 2015

When it won't sell...

We're going to discuss something we've all run across.  Whether it is something you make, re purpose, own...anything you've tried to sell that didn't.


That's a question I ask myself more often than I would like,

Thinking on things it can be simple or big.

Let's take this magazine table for example.

This is a simple magazine table that was painted black.  I was pretty sure black was a safe color, but it won't sell.
 So, I added something to it.
 I decided to take part of a french postage stamp from The Graphics Fairy.  It gives it some interest and brings it more into today.

Other reasons it might not be selling is

1. Price.  I have a hard time pricing things.  Many tell me my prices are too low, then I go and try to make something more than what I would normally ask, and I'm, stuck!  I try to take into consideration cost, time and possible interest for a piece.

I just cannot predict it.

2. Pictures and staging aren't interesting.  I am not a photographer.  I don't have much space or interest in staging.  Many times I just can't move the piece by myself and I don't like to take away from family time.  Maybe I should take a photography class...

3. Wrong color.  On this piece I thought black would be a hit.  I was wrong.  It is sitting and so I decided to try something simple.

4. Change the piece.  That is what I did here.  I changed it by adding a graphic.  Are you brave enough to change the whole thing?  Most of the time I can't justify it.  That's more paint and time.  Then again, if it's just going to sit and take up valuable space, I would rather get something than nothing.

What is your take on things that don't sell for you.  How do you approach getting it sold?  What steps do you take to make sure it's going to sell?

I would also love tips and advice it you have any to add.  We can all use help selling things sometimes, right?

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Embracing Change


  1. Wow, I do not know much about this but it sure is food for thought. It looks lovely to me. Good luck!

  2. Trying to predict the public is tricky. We haven't figured it out either. We've often been told we sell way too cheap, but like you, when we edge up the price a bit, it tends to sit. I would rather keep things moving, so we can move on to new things and keep things fresh. At times, we have a rush on side tables, so we make sure we have plenty available, and then bam....they sit. Then we have people asking for dining tables, so we make lots of them and then that market goes stagnant. It seems to be a hit and miss for us. Your table is very cute and should sell soon. I liked it just black, but now I think the postage stamp is a great addition. It would be nice to have a secret formula, so we knew exactly what people want and when, no? Thanks for posting, because it is nice to find that others struggle with the same issues.

  3. Try posting your piece for sale on the Internet, Facebook, etsy, Craigslist, offer up to name a few, if anything it also helps bring in traffic to your mortar and brick location

  4. Great tips Sara - I will be featuring your post in this week's Home and Garden Thursday,