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My Dream Closet

I was inspired by Compass to do a post on My Dream Closet.  You mean I get to dream?  I can pick anything I want in my closet?

If only that were reality.  I have a small closet.  No chair can even fit in let alone all the goodies I am going to show you.  My dream closet would have...

Are you ready?

Ok, I won't make you wait any longer...

But first I must say, in order to get the complete picture, you need to read this too.  

Here is the first thing you will see...the entry way.  Isn't this fantastic?  Use an old armoire front or build a new one to fit the doorway of the closet.  What a statement.

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Wardrobe door to another room. Amazing!

As you open the doors, you will see an awesome chaise lounge
FRENCH GARDEN HOUSE Vintage Shabby White French Style Chaise Pastel Flowers-antique,upholstered,burlap,cotton,sofa,elegant, furniture,chic,pink, flowers, blue,white,hand carved,

between two antique pillars....
The Dream Closet — Sruthi Naidu

Flanked by rows of clothes and shoes.

I feel like a fireplace is a fantastic idea to keep you cozy while you pick out that special outfit.
Stunning Fireplace and Candelabra. I want this in our master. In a dark grey. Next to a chaise lounge.

This display of shoes is a must.  Color coordinated!
Mariah Carey's dressing room gives me serious closet evny

I love the chair too.  You have to have a place to sit and put the shoes on.
Reminiscent of old-world France, the Elle Trifold Mirror adds elegance and sophistication to your dressing room.
Of course, we need a fabulous set of mirrors to make sure everything looks just right.

Mirrored Jewel Safe -  This is so gorgeous and wonderful! I really would love to have one.
It would be nice if that set of mirrors also doubled as a jewelry safe like this one.

Oh my goodness, I cannot say how much I want this Vanity for make-up storage. It is absolutely beautiful!
There simply must be a place to sit and do makeup!  This vanity is perfect.  I love the wood floors in this photo too.

Then if you have wood floors you simply must have a super soft rug.
12 Affordable Ways to Add Glamour to Your Home: Let's state the obvious: we all want our homes to look like a million bucks.
Like this one.

5 flower arranging tips  lovely lilacs!

Fresh flowers would be a must.  I can't decide between peonies and lilac so I think I would go back and forth.

Wonderful idea for storing handbags.  I will keep an eye open for anything petite and remotely close to this that I can refurbish and transform.
Wow, what a handbag display!  Gotta have it, wouldn't you agree?

Or install a slide-out bar for hanging trousers. | 53 Seriously Life-Changing Clothing Organization Tips

I really like how these pants are hung.  A nice way to access them and they save space!

pull out and turn around closet - Google Search
I searched and searched to see if there was a type of closet that you could pull out the sections and turn them around for a different style or season of clothes.  This one has lots of pull out sections, which is nice, but I still think one that could keep your summer clothes in the back during winter would be perfect.  You simply pull the whole rack out when summer is back and turn it around so winter clothes move to the back.  

Can you picture it?

A few extra details... I love, love, love this ceiling!  As long as I'm dreaming and designing it, this would be perfect.
I could Dream! White detail and soft sky blue surrounding it.

An elegant crystal chandelier would be a perfect addition as well.
Stunning chandelier... but it looks like it belongs more in Versailles and not in my dining room... =/

If you would like to see some of my other pins for this style of dressing room, see my pinterest board

Thank you to Compass for having this fun idea.  I loved being a part of it!  It was nice to dream a little and I did  get some great ideas for some of my projects.  Maybe one day I will have a closet like this.

Obviously I like the dramatic and elegant.  What is your style of closet?  Did I forget anything you would add?

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  1. Beautiful, need the castle to put the closet wing in for all that gorgeousness!

  2. i would like a huge center bench to sit on... velvet... no sides..