Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Simply painted

I don't post about all of my projects.  You can only get interested in so many painted things.  I like to share different ideas, but today I will show you a few simply painted pieces.

I fell in love with this piece the moment my mom sent me a picture of it.  It was found at a local estate sale.  I went the last day praying it would be 1/2 off and that it would still be there!

After a few minor repairs, it was painted in MMS grainsack.

This Eastlake side table was screaming for some turquoise!  Dark wax really brings out the details.  I love the two tone look. The tired top was renewed with hemp oil.

This adorable little table has so much detail

I wanted something that called for attention, but wasn't too much.  I think this soft yellow did just that.

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  1. Love that cabinet in grainsack. Now will have to get some and try it.