Monday, June 15, 2015

Dresser bench

This is my first dresser bench with sides and a back.  I have cut one all the way down and turned it into just a bench.  I've been looking for the perfect dresser to do this to and I finally found it.

This dresser was the perfect candidate because it was missing 2 drawers and the top is not wood.  

I took the top of first, then I proceeded to take the drawer supports out until it looked like this.  The sides and back are not the strongest, nor are they pretty.

So I added some bead board I had in the garage. I had just enough to cover where I needed it to go.  I also added a decorative piece with some finials on the back.  Some trim was added for arm rests and to cover the front where the bead board and dresser sides meet.  

Notice, I have 3 bars for support above the drawer.  These are pieces that came off the dresser.  I cut them to size then used metal brackets to attach them.  From there I cut a board for the seat.

After painting, waxing and adding the upholstered seat, this bench is ready for its new home.

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  1. I just love benches made from old dressers! Love the details you added. Great job! Thanks for sharing on Kammy's Korner - I'm pinning to the Highlights board!

  2. Love the dresser bench Sara! I've done a couple, and I'm always looking for the perfect dresser to make another.