Sunday, January 11, 2015

Hiding imperfections

Do you ever find a piece that is so nice, except for that one spot?  This chair was like that, but aren't we all?  There are a few things we can do to hide imperfections- wood filler, painting, covering with fabric...the latter is what I chose to do to this seat.

When I saw this chair, I fell in love with the legs and feet.

Not so much the seat.  The veneer was chipping and peeling.  I had to think of something.  Then I remembered all of those cute ruffled chairs I always see and knew I had my answer.

I painted the chair white, except for the seat since it would be covered.

I found some thick batting and cut a layer to fit the chair.  Next I found some leftover drop cloth fabric from other projects and sewed a ruffle onto the seat part.  I left about 1' for the seam so I would have something to staple onto the seat.
The result is simply adorable.

Here is a closeup of those feet I just love.

Would you have covered the seat differently?  I would love to hear!

  Knick of Time


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  1. You did a great job on this adorable chair. What gorgeous gams it has!