Sunday, January 25, 2015

Formica table top turned ottoman

I was given a table with a formica top.  The legs can be used for numerous projects, but not so much the table.  In my determination to not have to pitch it, I came up with a way to put it to use.

An ottoman!

Unfortunately, there are not a lot of photos of this one.  I am working on a big project right now (I'm so excited to reveal it hopefully later in the week).  Between steps on the large project, this one was put together.

Here is the table top upside down.  I secured the top together with some brackets.  Attached some legs and cut some foam.  What you see underneath is a few layers of foam and batting to make it thick enough.

Here is the end result.  I used a drop cloth to make the top.  By sewing a circle, and 2 long rectangles together, while ruffling the 2nd, you get this cute ruffled ottoman

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  1. very cool I love to reuse and repurposed some of my favorite activities
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  2. really nice creative...I'm a huge drop cloth fan....have used it for years...looks fabulous...found you on Coastal Charm...come on over and visit my blog...have a happy day, Mariaelena

  3. Turned out so great! Love the ruffle.
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    Love your stuff!

  4. Wow very beautiful. Your blog is wonderful. I´m your new follower.

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