Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The stockings were hung...

Did you know that hanging your stocking from the fireplace can be dangerous?  We had ours hung on some stocking hangers on the mantel.  It looked so nice...but then my daughter pulled on hers a little to see it and the stocking hanger fell on her face!  We were so thankful it hit her cheek, it could have been much worse since it was only 1/2" below her eye!  Those things are heavy and I wasn't about to put them up again.  That was a scare enough for me.

So, our stockings went to hang on the knobs on the antique dresser that holds our tv.  It was ok, it worked, until- you wanted to pull out a game or movie or blanket we kept in there.  Then, they only got in the way.

Where do I go from here?  I didn't want to put nails in my mantel, so that wasn't an option.  

Then I thought,

What about a stocking tree?

I had  this really neat table base that would be perfect for a small stocking tree.

All I had to do was put a finial on the top and add some hooks on the sides.  If you have a larger family, a taller tree will probably be needed.  We have a family of 4, so this worked perfect for us.

I used white wax to unify the whole piece.  I like the washed, aged effect it created.

How do you hang your stockings?


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