Sunday, November 23, 2014

Painting a chair...

I've painted a few upholstery pieces.  Most people have heard of this by now. 
 I've used the small bottles of acrylic paints with fabric medium, on an old couch.
I used chalk paint on another piece I didn't post about.
This time I used latex and fabric medium.

This is such a neat chair.  The fabric is in great shape, minus some piping trim it is missing on the back of the chair.  I decided to paint it, my wrist can only withstand so much staple pulling.  I do so much of it over the winter, I need to take a break when I can.

The customer wanted a blue chair with silver frame for her photography studio.  I mixed the ratio of 1 fabric medium to 1 latex paint to 2 water. 
This was my first time using this method, but it was the cheapest!  I like the result.  I turns out still a little stiff, but that softens with use.

Here is the final chair.  Have you ever painted upholstery?  If so, what is your favorite method?

Boogieboard Cottage



  1. This looks amazing! I can't wait to try it...hmmmm....what furniture should I do? That is the question. How does the paint hold up over time?

  2. I've only used the acrylic paint and fabric medium but have wondered about using latex paint. I have a couch in our basement that I'd like to experiment with. Thanks for posting this. I'll have to try it out now that I know that it works.
    Love the silver and blue! It'll make a great photo prop for your friend!