Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Shortcut to that layered chippy look

Who says you have to use 3 quarts of paint when painting a large piece to get the layered chippy look?  Not me.  That's way too much work, time and money.  When a client asked me to paint this piece with baby pink showing through, I knew I wasn't going to paint the whole thing pink and then white...nuh uh.

See this beautiful armoire?  I love it!  Too bad I had to paint it for someone else.  It did need to be painted too.  Someone used the wrong kind of sealer on it and it was turning yellow.

Here is the inside.  You can see by looking at the bottom drawers that they didn't close all the way.  I had to sand the tops of the drawers and the space above to get them to fit.

After a good cleaning, I mixed some red and white chalk paint together to get the perfect baby pink color.  I then painted spots that would normally get wear and tear and become chippy. This is the shortcut.  I did not paint the whole thing, just the places that would be pink!  Rub Vaseline on the spots you want pink to show through....then paint.
I painted the inside pink where the inside drawers would be.  The cubbies got a coat of grey.  When the white was dry, I simply wiped away the paint where I rubbed Vaseline.
Here is what you get.

 The hardware was also painted grey.

Pink curtains where sewn.  I sealed it with American Paint companies clear coat.

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  1. What a beautiful armoire !
    Vaseline works great for colors " peaking " through
    Your customer must be thrilled !

  2. I love this armoire. Great work.