Saturday, August 30, 2014

Large wall clock- it's functional!

I was gifted a short little table, and instantly I would become a clock.  I had been admiring large wall clocks, but not their price tag.  Ever since I finished my wall of mirrors (scroll to end of post to see), I needed something different for over my mantel.  Mirrors on every wall just wasn't working.

Here is the table top.  Sorry, I already took it off the base.  I was anxious to get started.
Here is the base.  You can see at the  bottom of the picture, one of the legs was cracked so this was the perfect candidate for my clock.
I started by layering white paint with a khaki color.  I also painted a grey edge around the table.
I measured to find the main numbers- 12, 3, 6, and 9.  I started with nail heads to mark those main points and stenciled the numbers.  I then went around to find where the other numbers could go by measuring then adding the nail head and numerals. 
Once all the numerals were stenciled, I completed the nail heads to signify each minute.
The next step was a difficult one- finding large clock hands.  I finally just went with some I found on ebay.  Though they are not as fancy as the ones I pictured in my head, they would work.  We (my husband and I) had to cut out a section on the back of the clock so the clock kit would fit.  We used my multi tool to cut this out.

Perfect fit.

It's all hung over the mantle right now and working like a charm.


Hope you have a great labor day weekend!

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  1. I love these giant clock, my friend has one in her house and I admire it every time I go round. I love that you made this yourself. It looks fantastic.

  2. This is awesome, great repurpose! I have been wanting to do a clock like this for a while, thanks for some good tips! And thanks for your comment on my blog too!

  3. Oh my word! You've got to be kidding me. I painted a big round coffee table with a clock face on it in the spring. We just moved and have 3 fireplaces in our new house and I wanted a huge clock to put on the mantel and my friend suggested cutting the legs off my table and buying the clock mechanism for it! Then BAM... what do I see on my party?! Here I thought we were so smart and you've already done it- haha! Looks great. Can't wait to share mine. Hope it turns out as good as yours. Guess I'll have to shop ebay for big hands, huh? Thanks for the tip. :)