Sunday, August 17, 2014

Creating a chaise- 2 chairs combined

Many of you that have been to my blog before know I like to create different things.  Building is one of my favorite things to do.  This project is one of those!  I saw the inspiration on Pinterest here.

It started with these 2 chairs.   I find lots of chairs, but I don't always find a captains chair and matching chair.

A little cutting and reattaching created this.

Looking around for something to build the seat with, I came across this table leaf just waiting to be used.  I took off the extra pieces and trimmed it to fit.  I cut boards to fit the seat back and started covering everything with my fabric of choice.

I attached the front first using L brackets from the back to the chair frame.  Then I screwed this back piece on.
I covered the back with fabric.  Staples then trim, or simply hot glue it on.

Here is a chaise from 2 chairs.

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  1. thats obviously a disaster. most ugly chaise i have ever seen