Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Revival of an outdoor bench- with chalk paint!

This bench was brought to me to make it look like wood again.  It is not a wood bench so it wasn't "Oh, I'll just smear some deck stain on it and it will be good" type of project.  It was a type of plastic or resin.  

See how it has faded over time?
The first thing I had to do was get a dark brown paint.  I started by mixing red and green together.  Not dark enough.
I added a little black and the color was much better.
I painted the top of the bench with the brown I made.
It still doesn't look like wood right?
I added some water to black and painted it on in sections then wiped it off.  This helped to get the black into the cracks and made it appear more real.
That looks much better, yes?

The last thing I did was seal it with an artisian clear coat that is made for outdoor use.  Though the lady who sold me the chalk paint insisted I didn't really need it, I wanted to be sure.

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