Sunday, July 20, 2014

Painting an antique couch

I was given the opportunity to buy this couch and chair set.  I jumped on it!  Wouldn't you?  I knew someone who wanted it and this transformation is her vision.

The fabric was in good condition except a few stains.  I gave her the option of recovering the set or painting it.  She chose to's cheaper.
I did however have to take the fabric off the back of the couch.  There were some springs that needed repair.

The springs were originally stapled from the inside front.  I wouldn't be able to do that unless I took the whole couch apart.  Once again, I used these awesome one hole straps to hold the springs in place.

Here are the pieces part way through.  I chose a dark grey paint with a fabric medium.  If you choose to do a piece this big , pick up a large can of paint instead of all the little bottles.
Another tip...if you are painting both fabric and frame, paint the fabric first.
Next was putting the fabric on the backs of the pieces.  Pretty simple staple and trim.

Almost finished.  A few touch ups, waxing the frame and...

They are complete!  
A few things you should know:
It took a lot of paint and 3 coats to get the coverage I needed.  Mostly because this was velvet.
I did not sand between coats since I did not feel it was rough.  If it was, I would have.
They are stiff now, but after some use they will soften up.
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  1. What an amazing transformation - love that the back was done in such a bold fabric !
    Beautiful job!
    Visiting from Winthrop Chronicles

  2. hi there - doesn't the paint crack when u sit on it, like paint usually does??

  3. What kind of paint did you use? I have a fainting couch I want to paint and not sure what to use.


  4. Great transformation! Super cute! Thanks for sharing with us at Your Designs This Time!
    Emily & Erin

  5. This is a beautiful set! I'm in love with it! Great job. I was thinking about painting a piece, so thanks for the tip on painting fabric before the frame.