Tuesday, June 17, 2014

From cupboard to book case

Last Friday I shared some cupboards I used to make mudroom benches.  Today's post is along the same lines of re using cupboards.  I turned a cupboard into a book case.

Like I said before, I really just wanted the doors, but when I realized that the cupboards were solid and not flimsy like most, I couldn't throw them away.
I wanted to add some detail so the first item was feet.

 I then needed some trim to cover the gaps and overhang.  It also adds some much needed detail.
I cut some 1/2" thick plywood scrap I had to create a top.  I added the same trim around the top as I did on the bottom.

Here it is drying after the paint.  I waxed it next.

Using modpodge, I decorated the back of it with maps from an old atlas book.

With all the added detail, can you tell it was a cupboard?

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