Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Closet doors make a great closet!

With 2 sets of these shutter closet doors, I decided to make a new closet.  Follow along as I show you how.

I will tell you right now, this project took a while trying to figure everything out.  I even had to take it apart and redo it once.  Here is how I created the bottom of the cabinet.  These t nuts are great for pieces where you have access to the other side. 

 I then attached the feet and board to the bottom of a larger board to create a base.

2 sets of doors were attached.

This is where I got stuck and had to redo.  I had one other set of these but as it turns out, they were shorter.  I decided I would just build up the top with some crown and no big deal.  Then as I started to put them on for doors, I figured out they were also too wide.  I took them to my dads to cut and make them skinnier, but we cut too much.  That's what happens when you second guess your measurements without having the piece to remeasure.
 I took it apart and used some plywood to create the back and moved the back doors to the front.
 I added a plywood top as well.
 Some shelves and a bar to hang things on were added here.
I added a trim piece to the top and painted it by alternately dry brushing cream and white.

Here I am deciding on hardware.

 I learned a few lessons from this project, but hey that's how we get better!

An inside view...

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  1. That is fabulous! I gotta get me some of those doors!

  2. I'm so glad to find this! I have several sets of 12" wide doors. Two are sidelites, the others I think maybe a pantry or something. They are different heights. I am determined to figure out how to use them in my home. They are gorgeous. You've definitely got my wheels turning!
    Beautiful, great job.

  3. would look fabulous in my bathroom.