Thursday, May 22, 2014

Wicker furniture gets a different life

I challenged myself a little with this one.  These chairs, believe it or not, used to be wicker.  There were just traces of wicker left when I go my hands on them.  

Here is a close up of one of the chairs with traces of wicker.

Here you can see how you can make a love seat by putting two together.

Step one was picking all the wicker off.
Step 2 Use a wire brush to remove any rust.
Step 3 Use the rust stop metal primer
Step 4 I used Rustoleum paint and primer in one Black

Next I needed to figure out how to make them usable.  What can be made into a seat?  How do I attach it? This is where the challenge lay.  I went back and forth in my head with how to do this.  Finally I decided to use some old deck wood cut to the perfect length to go across the seat and back.  These single hole straps that you find in the electrical section of the hardware store did the trick to attach them to the frame.  I painted over those with rustoleum so they would also be black.

Here are the chairs put together.  See how now I have a 3 chair bench?

 Time to stain and protect that wood.  This chair has almost all new wood.
Makes a nice little seating area, doesn't it?

Here are the chairs in my garage after they were stained.  I used a deck stain and sealer.  It was raining outside otherwise I would have done them outside.  
I'm glad these chairs have a new life.  They are such sturdy frames.

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  1. I love how you breathed new life into these pieces. Hey came out great!


  2. OMG !!! Those chairs look so great now !! I 'ABSOLUTELY' love your blog becoz I too, love to give a new lease of life to things, considered 'trash'. Your new follower.
    Naush @ Doodle Buddies

  3. wow! i love those chairs, you did an amazing job on them.

  4. I absolutely love these! Great job!

  5. Someone mentioned this idea on Hometalk. This is a wonderful recycle of those chairs. They came out great! Good thinking!