Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Staining tiger maple

This old beat up drop leaf table was calling my name last week.  The beautiful wood needed to be rescued.  Tiger maple is so pretty.  All those stripes really catch your eye.

This table had  leaf sides, but with all the missing parts and broken hinges, I decided to make something different.
Here is the top with years of grime and dirt,  but you can still see the stripes.
The table needed some reinforcements.  2 of the legs easily slid off so I used my kreg jig (yes I finally got one!) to put it back together.

Here is the table top after one sanding.  I needed to change the sanding pad a few times.  It kept getting gummed up with all those years of grime.

Since this used to be a drop leaf table, it had these huge notches in it.

I decided to cover it up with an applique.
I smeared areas and edges with vaseline and began to paint.

Here is is painted before I wipe off where the vaseline is.

You can see here where the paint is cracking and looks darker, that is where the vaseline is.
 Here is the table top after I stained it 1 time.  I researched how to stain tiger maple and they made it sound way more complicated!  I thought I would be staining and sanding at least 3 times to get it to show up.  I am satisfied with this one time!

Here is the table put back together and gorgeous.
Have a great day!

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  1. That came out gorgeous! I love the stripes! I have used vasaline too ~ it works great! Julia

  2. I love it. I have never used vaseline. Great idea. Just found you through What's it Wednesday. xo Laura

  3. What a great re- do! It is so pretty.

  4. This table looks great! I'm stopping by from the blog hop & I'm a new follower. I hope your having a great Wednesday.

  5. Turned out great, I actually plan on staining a small table myself soon, and this definitely helped.


  6. Love it and I think it turned out great. Love the top!

  7. Wonderful job - it looks awesome! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,