Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sometimes you have to sand

I found 5 of these beautiful chairs at a recent sale.  I knew right away they would be my new kitchen chairs.    I planned to do a shabby white with chalk paint.

The problem with these chairs is that they were grimy and the old finish was flaking off.  Though chalk paint says you don't have to prep, with something like this, you still do.
By taking a closer look here, you can see what I mean.  I have to get all of the flaky finish off before I can paint it.  Anything that is chipping also needs to be sanded off in order for the chalk paint to have something solid to adhere to.
So, I gave the chairs a light sanding by hand, washed them down then began to paint.
One of the chairs was missing the applique so I used the same technique here to replace it.

After wet distressing, a coat of wax and new seat cushions, here is what one of the finished chairs looks like.
The fabric I used was found at goodwill.  It was a curtain from Target.

Here is a close up of some shabby goodness.

Here are the chairs in my kitchen.  They look so much nicer than the mismatched blue ones I had in there.

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  1. Wow, what beautiful chairs. I would have snatched those up in a minute too. You did a great job. So pretty. :)

  2. Great job making those chairs into something so pretty and usable. The fabric for chairs is so pretty, love pattern and colors. Boy aren't you the lucky one finding those great chairs. Must have been meant for you. Wish I could find something like that at our Goodwill. Happy week

  3. Uh duh, I am such a dolt, left message for you on post making the pop medallion for your chair, thought it was another blogger. Maybe I better take a nap? lol.
    Anyway, I'm so glad I found that fix for my missing leaf clusters on Eastlake frames.