Thursday, April 24, 2014

Recovering a vintage sewing stool

I received this vintage sewing stool from a friend. What a neat thing.  You don't run across many of these.

 See the casters?  The vintage vinyl?
On the inside there is a place to put thread, and other sewing items.
 I cut one large piece for around the sides, and one square for the top.
 I sewed a seam putting the two ends together, turned it inside out and slipped it over the ottoman. 
 The extra fabric draped inside so I could work on covering that with one piece.
 I stapled the fabric to the bottom first.
 On the inside, I used a hot glue gun to neaten it up.  I did not take the vintage vinyl off, I wanted to keep it since it was in great shape.  What a treasure someone might find and love in the future!
 I folded over the excess fabric in the corners and hot glued that down too.  This was my best solution since I did not take off the old fabric to use as a template.

 I put all the trays back inside when I was done.
Now it can be used as a vanity stool, craft stool, or sewing stool.  What else?

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  1. What a great little find! You've done such a great job of recovering it. That vinyl was a bit dated to say the least. Very pretty. Now....where can I find one ;-)

    1. Definitely dated! I hope you do find one! Thanks for commenting!

  2. wonder if i could make mine look this good. love the colour