Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Use what you have

There's nothing like a sump pump malfunction to get you to organize your basement!  Wow, am I sore!  Organizing my basement has been on my to do list for a while, but another project or order was always being filled.  God had other plans, though.  I need to do it now and put the projects I was in the middle of on hold.

I had plans to create a work bench and get some shelving to keep everything off the floor and organize.  I admit it, I am a messy DIY'er.  I always have stuff everywhere.  I know there are some people who see where I work and just cringe.  Instead of always working on the floor where there is a space, I am going to aim for having a work table...which I have never had!

For now, I am going to use what I have.  I would love to build one like this:

Isn't that fantastic?  A place to store all those boards, tools and be able to work?

Here is my humble-created-by-me work bench.

I made this decision because we are in the midst of ordering new wood flooring and redoing our living room plus I am painting my kitchen cabinets.  I am not ready to sink some money into the wood needed to build the above bench.

I had these bi fold doors which are flat on the inside.  I simply laid them on my sawhorses flat side up.  These doors are hollow core so I won't be building with them.  I was holding on to them in hopes I would finish my basement one day...that's a long ways off.
Can you see the disarray in my basement?  Everything got shoved to the center of the basement to keep away from the water on the edges the broken sump pump caused.

 Wood to the left, inspirations from magazines, a few tools and a work space.  It's a start and I used stuff I had on hand. 

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