Sunday, March 23, 2014

How to upholster a channel back chair

I used to pass by channel back chairs because I thought they were a little intimidating to do.  I wasn't quite sure, but I figured it out and I am going to help you see that it's not so bad.  I must forewarn you.  This requires lots of sewing!

Here is the chair.  Lots of channels on the back of this one!  In this post I am just going to focus on the creating the channels.  If you want more details on upholstery, search my blog, there are lots of tips and tricks throughout.
Here is the chair after all the channel  sections were removed.  
Here is one of the side sections.  I used my seam ripper to take it apart and set the stuffing aside to be used later.  
I saved the piece on top to be used again.  In order to create the channels you need a front and a back piece as seen here.
After cutting out my new fabric, I laid the brown backing fabric on top.  You can still see the seam lines from where the channels were so I used these as my guide.
Here I am showing you that I folded back one section of the main fabric so it was 1/8" past the seam line.  Here I will sew following the seam line, but I have to sew the main fabric all the way from top to bottom.
Repeat this for each seam by simply folding back the main fabric so it creates a 1/8" edge.  This helps create the channels.
Stuff the filler back into all the channels.
 Once you have all of your channels filled, upholster your chair as normal.  For this chair since there were springs in the middle section, I needed a helper in order to pull the fabric to hide the gaps where the sections meet.
 I am happy with the outcome for my first channel back chair.
 I finished it off by gluing on some trim.

What do you think?  Are you ready to tackle a channel back chair now?

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  1. This sounds ambitious! I've only done a couple of chairs, and they had removable cushions. Much easier. I'll be looking for one of these chairs now, I love them! Thanks for sharing at Linda's Coastal Charm link party.

  2. Your chair is gorgeous! I'm not sure I have the patience for that, but it certainly is beautiful!

  3. I would love to do one but the thought terrifies me! lol

  4. Sara,
    I love the makeover that you did on this chair, it looks GREAT! Come by and grab my featured button for your blog. have been featured at my party this week.


  5. I'm going to try it. The chair cost me $15.00 so what's the worst that can happen? I put it out to trash.