Thursday, March 6, 2014

How to dress up a plain mirror

We have all seem them.  Most of us have had or still have these large plain mirrors in our house.  There is a way to dress these mirrors up.  I am going to share with you one way I have come up with.  If you don't like this style, stay tuned, I will be doing one a little differently soon.

You will need a mirror, some thin plywood, glue, paint and appliques or glacage.  First cut your board to the size of your mirror.

 I then traced an oval shape onto the board.  In order to be able to cut that shape out. I had to drill a hole large enough for my blade to fit into.
Cut the desired shape out of the center.
Here is my board all ready for the next step.  I sanded down the edges to make sure they were smooth and even.
 I was debating on whether to add a frame, but I made the oval too large to do that.  I glued the wood to the mirror using E6000.  Time will tell if that is ok instead of the liquid nails mirror glue.  The wood is not that heavy so I think it should  be fine.
I added some detail in the corner with glacage.  You could also use appliques or plaster.

I painted some black on the inside and outside edges, smeared the spots with vaseline and then painted over everything with white.
 Once it was dry I wiped at the edges to get the paint off and create a chippy look.

This is my second stage of my living room makeover...deciding how to do the mirror above the fireplace. 

For such a plain mirror, it sure is pretty now.

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  1. This is a really clever idea!! Have never heard of glacage before. I'll have to check it out. Have used both plaster and appliques, but this would have so much more flexibility with the fine lines you can get. Great work, stay creative : )

    1. Brilliant!
      I can't seem to pass by a mirror. Small tables, chairs, and mirrors. I can't yet say how many a girl needs! :)
      Some of my mirrors are cool, but just not "it".
      Now, I'm rethinking several of them.... Thanks!

  2. Glacage is a new one to me too. It looks amazing! Does it have a squeeze tube like puff paint? I'm trying to picture how it works and dreaming of lots of applications for this stuff :)