Thursday, March 20, 2014

An upholstery shortcut

They say things come in 3's right?  I have recovered 3 antique couches in 3 months!  In this case it is absolutely spot on.  I am  going to show you my 3rd antique couch makeover with a few shortcuts.

 I love the lines on this couch.  I just had to pick it was only $30!  Structurally sound.  I decided to recover this one then decide which one I will keep.
Great detail on the back of this couch.  Sad upholstery.

 I stripped the couch of it's original upholstery...all except the base.  I painted the wood with APC Rushmore.
I followed Rushmore with a dry brushing of white.  Se the difference once the white is applies just to the details?
Here is one of the shortcuts...I painted the fabric on the bottom of the sofa.  It was in really good condition and I didn't want to cover it.  Doing 3 couches in 3 months has me looking for shortcuts while still getting a great end result.  I discovered that APC Rushmore is the perfect color to match a drop cloth!!!!  That is exciting.  I mixed it with some fabric medium and painted away.

I decided I wanted a little more tufting than the original sofa had so I cut holes in 2 rows where my buttons would go.  I painted the buttons from the original upholstery job and covered the rest.  Once again,  a shortcut.  Covering buttons can be a pain.  Painting took just a few minutes.

With a long upholstery needle I pulled the buttons into place then tied them tight around some batting.
 See how well the Rushmore paint matches the drop cloth I used?

A close up.
With a little more tweaking to the back, the tufting looks neater.

 I added some trim I found in a big roll at Hobby Lobby.

For the back, instead of using tack strips to secure the seams, took an easier shortcut and used some nail heads.  They are decorative and hold the fabric in place without the hassle of the tack strips.

Now the decision is which couch to choose?
Which is your favorite?

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  1. Wow great job! I have never upholstered anything before. You inspire me. Please come share at Bacon Time linky, it starts again tomorrow.

  2. I like the lighter color one, the second one. You did a wonderful job, wish you lived close to me. Elaine

  3. LOVELY! Inspiring, too. I really love a thrifty treasure. :)

  4. Great job! I prefer the second one mostly because of the extra tufting - love it!

  5. Wow! So inspiring!! I love both of the couches...I'd keep both!! (says the girl living in an efficiency apartment...hehe) ;) You did a great job on both though.
    ~ Olivia @ Romantic Country Living

  6. My favorite is the one you just finished; like you, I love the detail in the wood.

  7. What a hard choice Sara... they both look great. Well done.

  8. So cute!! I love the last one the best. Great tips. Thank you for sharing at Redouxinteriors!

  9. You make it look so easy, too. Thanks for sharing your projects. Linda