Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Dark rich chair makeover

I amaze myself.  Not because I did anything amazing, but because I decided not to paint this piece.  Are you amazed?  I usually paint everything.  There are lots of reasons to paint a piece.  Lots of pieces I come across just have to be painted.   Some just look better painted, and I love painted furniture.
I picked up this chair this past weekend at an estate sale.  It was in great condition except for the cushions.  That is an easy fix.

The wood is such a beautiful wood,  I decided not to paint it.  The next step was so hard for me...I couldn't decide what fabric to use!  You can see a stack of it next to the chair.  I did not want to purchase fabric since I have stacks of it.  I am really trying to use up some of the things I have on hand.

I kept draping different fabrics on the chair and leaving them there for a few hours so I could see them when I walked by.
I decided to go with the rich champagne/black fabric in the middle.

The seat cushion just sat on the chair and the back cushion was held on by these little screw together buttons.  Yay!  No staples!
 I took the cushions apart, used them as a stencil and salvaged the piping.  Here I am going to share a shortcut for adding piping to your cushions.  Instead of sewing the piping then pinning it to your cushion pieces, sew it all at once.  Here I have one of the seat cushion pieces and the narrow side of the cushion.
 Line up the edges of both fabric pieces, outsides facing each other.
 Put the piping on the top piece (the sides of the cushion) then fold it over.  Here I am just pinching a piece and pulling it to match up the edges.  It actually gets folded over 2x.  Remember if you use this piping tip, make sure you have extra space if your piece wasn't sewed this way in the first place.  I leave 1.5" per side extra.
Pin it, then sew it.  Repeat for the last cushion piece.  This way you sew 2x instead of 4.
 It turned out to be a rich looking chair.  Don't you thing the colors are rich looking?
 Would you have chosen the same fabric?
 Would you have painted this chair instead?  I know it would have looked fabulous.
But just look at that beautiful wood!  

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  1. Thanks for the tips. I love the wood, too. Glad you didn't paint it.

  2. Sometimes I think it is a shame to paint the wood & here is a great example. Your chair looks great keeping the stained wood.
    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  3. so funny because I posted a similar post about painting furniture…asking for opinions…in my case I'm painting my stuff because the stain is just so orangey and dated but in your case I think you did the right thing…also…love the fabric choice…come on over and see what you think of my pieces…

  4. Very nice. The fabric complements the finish on the chair. I think you made the right choices. That doesn't mean that after another 10 years of hard use you can't paint it! :
    And thanks for the tip on piping. That stops me from doing a lot -- and I can actually sew well!

  5. Wow, I would have loved to stumble upon that chair. Of course, I have a thing for cane :) I agree, it was in good condition and a good color, looks great un-painted.

  6. Ooh what a great transformation! Great fabric choice! Thanks for linking up at Hit Me with Your Best Shot-- have a wonderful week!

    ~Abby =)