Thursday, January 16, 2014

Sunburst mirror

As I am going through and trying to use what I have in my house, I find what I need to make a sunburst mirror.  I know these have been around for a long time.  I had already made one years back, but I had these chandelier pieces still and they needed to be made into clear up some clutter on these cold, snowy, blustery days.

These chandelier pieces came off my parents' broken chandelier.  Here you can see a round wooden plaque that I have placed the chandelier pieces around.  I needed to see if there was enough and how they would fit.  Before I went further, I attached a saw tooth hanger to the back.  I didn't want to be hammering when all the pieces were on the front.
I screwed each one of the pieces into the base.
Hot glue a mirror onto the front.  It still needs something though since I can see the wood plaque still.
I found some pearl string and hot glued that around a few times.

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  1. What a fantastic idea! It looks beautiful.

  2. So creative and pretty! This is a fresh idea for the starburst mirror. The pearls are a nice touch too.

  3. how big is this mirror?? I have a bunch of these also, but they're not as big as your look.

  4. Love your creativity! Your mirror is so cool. I like how you re-purposed the crystals. Looks so pretty!

  5. Great way to use parts of an old chandelier, I love your new sunburst mirror!
    I saw you featured at What Meegan Makes.
    Debbie :)