Thursday, January 9, 2014

Neat little key rack

If you haven't noticed yet, I am full of reinventing the country decor I have collected.  This one, I'm not even sure what it originally was.  With some simple rearranging, you can update that country decor.

Any ideas?
I took this one apart easily just by removing the screws from the back.
I moved the shelf up.  Then I added a wood piece to cover the can see some in the bottom and top of this picture.
Once it was all painted white, I added a few hooks and a vase type glass.  It can hold keys, flowers, and even mail.
Since it's winter and I was snowed in, there was no getting real flowers for the vase, but you get the idea with a few fake roses.    Do you have any country decor to update?

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  1. Looks awesome! these were used to hold curling irons at the top, and the hole for the blow dryer.

    1. forgot to ask... where did you get the pretty wooden scrolled pieces?