Sunday, December 8, 2013

Wedding dress quilt

So my sister calls me and says, "I know what you can do for me for Christmas".  Right away a cautious, "ok" is my reply.  You never know what she is going to come up with.  She wanted me to make a quilt using her wedding dress!

A little scary, right?  Who wants to be responsible for cutting up someones wedding dress? If you know me even a little I am always up for a challenge.  Before I accepted my fate to make a quilt out of her wedding dress, I searched the internet and tried to convince her of other things we could make with it.  She wasn't having it.  Her mind was set.  Since this is my first quilt, yes I said first, I searched and searched for ideas of quilts with less cutting and sewing.  I found an idea here  I received my sisters consent on the style and set to work.

One word before I being.  If you are a quilter or sewer, be nice... please.

Here is her gorgeous wedding dress.

Luckily it was a thick polyester.  You may be wondering what convinced her to do this...
1.She has 3 boys, so no daughter was going to wear it
2. She never cleaned or preserved it so it couldn't be sold since she didn't want to pay for it to be cleaned.
3. She wanted some memory of it.
4. She just wanted it out of her closet!!!

I began by cutting various size strips of fabric.  All of which I had on hand.  I then sewed them all together.
I ironed it, then ironed the seems to be stitched down the sides again.
I sewed 3 tubes out of a different fabric for the flower stems, cut out some leaves from the same fabric, then zig zag stitched them on.
I then used some more of each the white, khaki, and green to make flowers.  I rolled them and stitched them in a swerve pattern.
I passed on using batting since she wanted a soft fleece backing.  I rolled the fleece over the edges of the top quilt to make a faux binding.  I then stitched all layers together in a random curve.
Last I added some buttons from the back of her gown to the center of the flowers.

I think it turned out pretty good for my first quilt.

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  1. Nice work you can not even tell it was your first Quilt.

  2. the flowers are so cute! I found you on the link party. My daughter and I have a blog over here, stop by if you'd like.
    Thanks Barbara

  3. Your FIRST quilt?! You did an awesome job!!

  4. So pretty. Thanks for sharing at Silver Pennies Sundays! x

  5. Congrats! You had the most views last week so you're being featuring tonight over on Kammy's Korner! :) Such a BRAVE soul you are - making a quilt out of your sister's wedding dress - wow! And it turned out SO CUTE!

  6. As a quilter, good job! The hardest part of quilting is being brave enough to start.
    Now? The world can be a little warmer and a little more well-loved with repurposed fabric. Not just as an accessory (upholstery, lining, etc.,) but as a focus.
    I was going to offer to send you my own wedding dress, but you sure didn't need it!

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  10. i adore the flowers and whole idea.

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