Thursday, December 12, 2013

Teaching kids to give back

Today I am going to write about something besides a diy makeover.  I am going to write about giving.  'Tis the season for giving, or so it should be.  All my kids think about lately is what they are going to get, what's on their list, and what if they don't get it.  You can see, why this is heavy on my heart.

I am trying to come up with ways my kids can think of others during this season, but also throughout the year.

1. This weekend we will be visiting a local store to find an angel tree.  On this tree there are wish lists of kids who don't have anything for this holiday season.  My kids will pick out the child to gift to, help choose the gifts that are on the list, wrap, and deliver.

2. Having my kids be involved in what to get people in our family is important as well. It takes the focus off of them and puts it on someone else.  They will also help to wrap these gifts.

3. We have been reading a lot of scripture.  We have an advent calendar like many do, but ours is filled with small prayers.

4.  A daily Scripture reading about how Jesus came to earth, and why also helps us to focus on the reason for the season and not on what gifts we are getting. Find the printable here.

5. Working at a soup kitchen would be another option, however I think I will wait a year or 2 on that.

6. My kids have both been involved in the food drives within the community.  They know why we are giving food, and they get to deliver it to their schools.

I would love to hear how you teach your children to give back.  I am always looking for great ideas to help raise my kids to be the Christians God wants them to be.
Please share!

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  1. I think this is just so sweet! As you know, I have adult children and no grandchildren but I still printed out the Christmas tree with the Bible verses for myself; why not :)
    When my children were younger we would always take names off the Salvation Army Angel tree that was in the mall. My kids got a blast out of shopping for another child. The last time we did this was a couple of years ago and it was from the Angel tree that was at the hardware store in Linden. Most recently my daughter paid for a prescription for a tearful mom, at Target pharmacy, when she couldn't afford the prescription for her sick child. When she came home and told me that this was going to be her Christmas Angel this year, I was a very proud mom!

  2. When my daughters were young and now with my granddaughters, I take every opportunity to talk about people who are less fortunate and how grateful we should be. I think that by teaching them to understand the plight of others will make them empathetic which means they will also learn to happily give to others.

    I also teach my girls random acts of kindness. I have a post about it on my blog if you are interested.

    Best Wishes, Darlene