Thursday, December 5, 2013

Reuse a Christmas tree top

This cast off Christmas tree top got snatched up from me right away.  I have been wanting a small tree for my front porch.  When your tree lights stop working, don't toss it, make a smaller tree!

Poor thing looks sad right now, but it will get better after some fluffing and straightening.
The lights did not work so off they came.  They are just held on by these tiny horseshoe clips.
I decided to use the mosaic tin I made last winter as a base.
I mixed up some cement in the tin then set the tree in the cement.
Sorry, super blurry.
After straightening out the branches, my 5 year old daughter helped me decorate it with lights and silver bulbs.  Not bad for a 5 year old, lol.
There is my simple tree top to porch tree rescue.

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  1. Very cute!!! I want one, or two :) LOL

  2. great job! I redo my tree by taking out all the back branches to make it a corner tree that takes up less space in my room. hahaha we do what we can, right?