Tuesday, December 3, 2013

3 chair bench

You may have seen these before, but this one is my first.  I had picked up these 3 chairs at a garage sale.  One had a broken spindle, but that didn't matter since I had been wanting to make one of these benches made of chairs.  So here goes...

Nice chairs!  They were even already stripped of all previous finish.  Thank you to whoever did that.  I know it would have been a long process to strip off all those spindles.

The chair with the broken spindle was cut to just be a back.  Do you like how I am holding the chairs together?  Ok let's take a closer look...
Yes, pony tail holders!  I only have so many hands.
I used the 3 front spindles from the cut up and broken chair to attach to the middle to create the same look as the front of both chairs.  I attached them using a smaller dowel and wood glue.
For the back, I used some scrap wood to screw all the chairs together for extra support.
A seat was cut from one large piece to fit the bench.
I painted it all black with diy chalk paint.
Sealed with a wipe on poly.
Do you like it like this, or would you have upholstered the seat?

I upholstered the seat after all.

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  1. Classy..love the black...and you can throw pillow on it if you want fluff...love it..

  2. I would pad and upholster the bench in a yellow chevron. I want to make one of these too!

  3. I LOVE this! what a great idea...pinning! I actually picked up a chair similar (for free) at a yard sale this summer not knowing what to do with it...I just had to have it! Visiting you back from my blog and following you!

  4. And I thought bungie cords to hold a chair together were brilliant.
    Hair ties take the cake!
    Really cool bench. :)

  5. Never would have thought of this you've done. Love the idea, Sara! Mary