Thursday, November 7, 2013

Shabby Chic Scroll Box

For a while I have been on the lookout for a bread box to make over and keep in my kitchen.  I haven't been able to find one I like, so this is the next closest thing.  It will not stay in my kitchen but it will curb my "I want to makeover a bread box" craving.  Do you ever get those?
No one wanted this poor little thing anymore.  I think it was some type of phone box?  See the cubby on the bottom?  Doesn't it look like the perfect place for a phone book?  If you know what this box is for, please let me know!

I did the usual.  Prime, paint, then I added a graphic from The Graphics Fairy.

I have used lots of graphics from her.  This time I tried a new technique and I like it.

Step 1. Apply glue to a piece of printer paper.
Let dry.
Step 2. Print off the graphic of choice (remember if there are words, you need to reverse the photo to print)
Step 3. Apply mod podge to the piece you wish to transfer the graphic to.
Step 4. Press down the graphic, ink side down onto the mod podge.
Step 5. THIS ONE IS IMPORTANT- let dry 24 hours!!!!
Step 6. Get paper wet and gently rub and pull off graphic.

Another question...would you leave the box as it is, or add another graphic on the front?

A little distressing is always good!

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  1. Very pretty - love the graphic. I found you over at the TGIF Linky Party!

  2. Nice transfer, why apply the glue before printing? Have never done that before!

  3. You make adding the graphic sound so easy I have yet to try, but I need to just do it.

  4. Fantastic! I like that you mentioned using glue on the paper first. I haven't tried that technique yet, but will have to for sure :)
    I'd love if you'd link up and share this at our weekly party, you can find it here
    I know a lot of folks would be interested in seeing how well this box turned out!
    Thanks, have a great weekend,
    Molly from Just a Little Creativity

  5. Do you use regular mod podge? And does the paper come completely off leaving only the graphic? I've had such terrible luck transferring graphics! This turned out lovely :)

  6. It looks great. You have a creative eye and the talent to do what you plan. Nice job.

  7. Great transformation Sara- love the graphic! I bet these are wonderful - I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,