Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Can I change the look of a chair?

You have a chair that was built a certain way.  How that chair is upholstered can differ from the original plan.  I will show you how I will attempt tochange the look of a chair by changing the details on the upholstery finish.

Take note of the boxy appearance of this chair I am going to refinish.  It was given to me by a friend who lost interest in recovering it.  These chairs can be hard and they take a lot of fabric.
Lucky for me I found some nice fabric at a garage sale for $3!  A whole roll of it!
Here is the chair all stripped from its original upholstery.
I started, as always, with the seat.  You can see I used some new batting to fluff up some of the areas.
Next I covered the arms and the sides with one big piece per side.  I added a few folds and tucks to add some elegance to the chair.  I also decided nail head trim would add some interest on this now neutral chair.
My next step was to cover the back of the seat.  I draped the fabric where I wanted it and tucked it into the crevices, but I did not tack or staple it yet.
I went with some tufting buttons.  Then proceeded to staple all the edges.
For the back, I tacked down the top with cardboard, draped the fabric down and held it in place with some more nail head tacks.
Last but not least, I sewed the cushion cover.  I added pleats along the front of the seat.
Some closeup of the pleats and nail head on the side of the chair.
So, what is your opinion?  Can you change the look of a chair?

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