Tuesday, November 12, 2013

4 poster puppy bed

OK, so I don't have a dog.  Does that mean that I can't make a dog bed?  Of course not!  I found this old end table at a garage sale for a few dollars and am about to show you how I turned it into a dog bed.

As you can see, it is missing it's drawer.  I thought a while about how to remedy that.  Then, one day as I was painting a few things, I decided to start painting this as well.  That's when it hit me...
Upside down it makes a really cute 4 poster puppy bed!
I searched around my stash to see what kind of things I could make some feet out of.  I have a bag of these and they are the perfect size.
They were very simple to put on since they already have holes in them.  I simply drilled a pilot hole in the 4 corners and screwed them on.
I primed the hole thing since I would be using various paints to get the look I wanted.
I used gold and black to create stripes, polka dots, and checkers.  I sewed a little cushion for a bed to make it fit for a king or queen.
Here is a close up of the side.
I also added these little knobs on top for that extra something I thought it needed.

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  1. LOL it' too cute ;-) I just tried a drawer but by pup is too big for it!!

  2. What a cute project! It turned out great! It makes me want to get a dog!