Thursday, September 12, 2013

Save that chair!

It seems like my treasures come in waves of the same things.  That ever happen to anyone else?  A short while back it was dressers, then tables and now I'm onto chairs again.  This particular chair was picked up from a garage sale from a friend.

She had me in mind hoping I could work some magic and fix it.  Unfortunately, I couldn't fix the broken leg...but I could replace it.  Why waste a perfectly good chair otherwise?  You can see how this one just couldn't be fixed.  Besides the missing pieces, it was in too many pieces to make it stable again.

I had these perfectly solid legs from another broken chair.  I never throw away a good piece of wood, especially legs!

Here is a good look at the chair with the new legs.  If you are interested to see how I added the legs, you can read my add legs to furniture post.
The fabric was worn in spots so I took off all the old fabric and trim and got to work on making this chair new again.
Once upon a time this chair had some lovely hand painted details, but sadly since the legs had to be replaced, this has to be painted over.  I am going bold with this people and I want some honest opinions when you see the finished result.
You never know what you are going to find when you strip down a chair.  One day I hope to find a hidden treasure...a girl can dream right?
Yes, I took this fabric off as well.

I covered the seat the same way I usually do.  For details, go here.
After the seat is covered, next comes the front side of the back.  In this case the arms were sewn onto the back and all attached at the same time.  Here is a photo of the back of the chair.  It shows the fabric being pulled through and attached to the back of the chair.

The fabric was folded under and stapled along the arms of the chair.

The fabric on the back of the chair was attached with tacks and cardboard at the top and bottom then stitched along the sides.
I had a problem finding trim  (didn't want to drive 30 minutes) and didn't have enough of this fabric to sew any piping so I went with some ribbon from the $1 bin at Michaels.
I hot glued it around the bottom and the arms to cover all the staples and tacs.

Nice fall colors don't you think?  I am ready to hear your thoughts...

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  1. I like it! The orange is so fun. Great work :)

  2. What a beautiful restoration! Very impressive! Looking forward to following your blog! Im visiting from

    Hoping you stop by

    Juls x

  3. Wow, I can't believe it's the same chair? You do fantastic work. Some feedback; if it was me I would have chosen to paint the chair the same color as the lighter orange colored flowers that is in the fabric. I could be wrong but I think it would pull the look together a bit better. Now when I look at the chair, initially my eye goes to the bright orange that the wood is now painted, instead of looking at the chair/fabric.

  4. You did a great job with this chair ! I love the orange color ! Give you a happy feeling :)


  5. Wow, you gave some new life and pizazz to this chair - looks amazing! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  6. Hi!
    your chair turned out so cute. Like that orange!
    via cacc @MRL

  7. What an amazing job - it's so lovely and cheerful now.

    I would love for you to share this in our chair makeover link up at Empty Your Archivethis week - Alice @ Mums Make Lists

  8. In my opinion, all you did was you took a near antique banded inlay fine wood chair and turned it into a piece of junk.

  9. Oh my goodness, the comment above is so ridiculous, shame on you for fixing a "near antique" chair and saving it from the dump. Comment was made anonymously of course. Good for you for taking a broken chair that most people would have thrown out (kudos to your friend for finding someone who would see it's value rather than throwing it out) and making it not only usable again, but beautiful!