Thursday, August 8, 2013

Damask painted dresser

Wow!  Has it been a busy few weeks.  Besides all the big projects I have been doing, there is school shopping and checking off those last few summer outings.  This dresser wasn't a very big makeover, but the transformation is stunning.  Paint a large damask on the front of a dresser, and you get instant glam.

Here is the dresser I started off with.  Nothing too fancy, painted a creamy white, but the top was chipping.
 The rest of the dresser just needed some touch ups.

I stripped the paint off the top of the dresser using citristrip then cleaned it with some mineral spirits to get all the leftover goo off.  Yes, goo.  I then primed the top.

I went with black for the top for some added depth.  I printed off this large damask image using  If you are not sure how, see my post on how to make a large stencil here.
I simply shaded in the back and traced it on the dresser.  From there I used some black chalk paint to paint in the design.

Here is what I ended up with!  Isn't it dramatic?  Such a simple thing to do with amazing results.
I even updated the drawers by lining them with some wrapping paper.

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