Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Rockin' red

I am going to share with you another rocker makeover.  This rocking chair was very sturdy, except the veneer on the seat was peeling. I will show you how to replace that veneer.

I just love how I always manage to get my toes into these photos!  Anyways this is a closeup of the seat.  You can see where I used a box cutter to slice a square.  This helps me to peel back the veneer to the square and be able to replace just that section.
I used a heavy paint can to glue down the side that was still bubbled up.  Once that was dry, I began replacing the veneer.

I picked up a roll of iron on veneer at Lowe's.  It was the only place near me I could find that carried it. You can find it in different colors and sizes.  In this case, it didn't matter what the color was since the rocking chair was getting painted anyways.  I cut the veneer into the strips I needed to fill the space.
According to the package you can just iron it in place, but they suggest using tin foil to protect your iron.  That is just what I did.
After I finished filling in the veneer, I went around to all the seems and cracks filling them in with wood filler.
Once the wood filler was all dry, it got a light sanding.
Here it is after 2 good coats of paint.  The more paint, the less noticeable the veneer patch will be.
I made a cute cushion to add some interest and contrast.
Or it could be used as is.  So next time you run into a project with veneer issues, don't be afraid to replace the part missing.  It is easy to do.

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    Jenna @ Rain on a Tin Roof

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