Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Get organized! A great way to store your screws, nuts, and bolts

Maybe I'm a little late with the resolution to get organized this year.  Doesn't that usually happen in January?  Anyways,  I was getting sick and tired of not being able to find the right anything and having to scrounge around looking.  I used to have little jars for the screws and other hardware necessities, but they would just end up in a big box when something didn't work.  Anyone else have this problem?  Anyway, I started looking around for something to be able to keep them all together, but separate.  That is when I saw the car storage box we were getting rid of from my son's room.  Score!
Here is the box.  It is double sided so it can hold lots.  Hopefully this will keep me on track to stay organized.  I admit it I make a mess while crafting and building.
I still have a few jars to empty, but I am very excited about this.  I needed to organize!

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  1. I SO need to do this! Nice JOB!! ;)

  2. Hi Sarah,
    I just started organizing the garage yesterday. I am still in the middle of gathering everything together because they are scattered. I will have to keep this in mind once I get to finding homes for everything.