Thursday, June 20, 2013

From retro to shabby chic- it can be done!

I am always so inspired by 4 the love of wood.  She has some of the most amazing furniture makeovers.  The transformation I am about to show you is because of her inspiration.  Who knew you could take something plain and retro and turn it fancy?
Meet the contestant!  Sad vintage night stand. Please, take a close look at it, especially the laminate top.
It obviously needed some replacement parts, so I took out the bottom and the back.
Once turned over, I saw it was only going to take removing 6 screws to get the bottom and legs off.  Easy! I love it when that happens!
Once the bottom legs were taken off, I drilled holes for the dowel of the new legs to fit into.  I didn't take good photos , but here you can see the glue on the dowel as I am putting it into the hole.  This particular set of legs also screw on each side from the bottom as well.
There is what the legs look like attached.  In the back I just used cut 2 x 2's.  Now for the top...
I had this cute little table waiting for something, and I noticed the top would fit perfectly, almost.
I marked where I wanted the top cut off and used an edge clamped down to help me cut it straight.

I used some bead board for the new back, and cut some thin plywood for the new bottom shelf.

I added some glacage to the drawer front and the bottom skirt
Once that was dry, I cleaned it all up and prepped for painting.
I used La Craie in the color Magnolia for this piece.  I Lightly distressed the glacage and the legs.

There you have it, from retro to shabby chic.

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  1. That looks just like one of my makeovers!!! Well done. Kristy @ 4 the love of WOOD

  2. Awesome Job!!! I love it!

  3. Sara-what an incredible makeover!

    catching you!

  4. A lot of work, but a beautiful result.