Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Finial decoration- painted and glazed

So I found this neat little thing, where else?  at a garage sale.  It was meant to be a stocking hanger, but I made it something different.
See the little hole at the bottom?  That is where the hook screwed into it.  I just left it out.
After painting it with some diy chalk paint, I decided on a glaze to age it and bring out all the character.
I mixed the one to one ratio...
Brush the glaze onto a small area.  You want to work in sections.
I like to wipe excess glaze off with a dry towel.
Then follow with a damp towel until I like the look.
Do this one section at a time until you are done.
Let it dry.
Then display.
The glaze just makes the detail pop!

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