Monday, June 17, 2013

Chippy old desk

Anyone else get excited when they see "Barn sale"?  I sure do.  You never know what neat stuff you will find.  I went to one recently and found this very cool old chippy desk piece.
Oh sure, it needs work, and it is missing some important pieces, but I could see the potential.  Can't you?

The top was in the worst shape.  All that peeling and missing veneer.  Nothing else to do but take it all off.  That is the toughest part of all.  After all that scraping and sanding, I decided to replace the missing parts on the desk.
There were only 2 of these triangle pieces that are meant to hold the legs.  I had to take them out, since the 2 that were there were in sad shape.  I used a 2x4 to cut 4 new brackets.
The brackets were attached with wood glue and screws.  I used t nuts to attach the legs.  The legs I used were from a canopy bed I believe and already had the bolts in them.

The easiest way I could think of to build a desk top was to use a thin piece of wood so it wouldn't disrupt how the desk closes.  Since the desk top would be so thin, I used a piece of wood in the center for extra support.  (This is my hubby helping, thanks, Joe!)
In order for the top to stay on I used small quarter round glued to the sides and front of the desk.  I then put the desk top on top and clamped it into place.

Here is what we have so far.  A good cleaning was next, as well as removing the loose paint (don't forget to wear a mask).
Some wood glue and clamping was necessary on some of the loose veneer on the inside of the top.  I used 2 pieces of wood to help press down the veneer all across.
I found the closest paint color I could and painted the top.  I used some vaseline in places to mimic the chippy aged affect.  After the paint was dry I wiped it off, then added some dark brown antique wax from Maison Blanche Paint Company.  I also waxed the wood piece I added for the desk surface.
The rest of the desk got a coat of Vermont Natural Coatings wipe on poly whey.
Here it the chippy desk all finished. 
Not bad, huh?

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  1. I have a mahogany desk almost exactly like this (although in better condition). I bought it at a barn sale in CT and the seller called it a "lady's writing desk." Originally yours probably had a slide out desk - so, you fold back the top to use it and slide out the desk so it hangs over your lap. Mine has a swing out ink bottle holder in the middle and small drawers on either side of it. I'm, glad you saved this as much as you could.