Wednesday, May 1, 2013

New Armoire

What I am about to show you is one of my most favorite makeovers to date!  You may look at this before photo and ask why anything needed to be done with this piece, but just wait until you see the after!
Behold, the cabinet I received via Freecycle Plus.  Yes I said Freecycle, where everything is free.  If you haven't joined your local group, sign up today!  You don't want to miss a piece like this.  I saw it and fell in love.  My first thought was to keep it black and do something interesting in the back of the cabinet and maybe something with the doors.
This is one of the doors with some 1/4" plywood I cut to fit.  It did not come with anything in the openings.  If you saw my post yesterday, then you have an idea what I did here.

This is a photo of the Glacage I added to the plywood.
 Here it is all put together.

I painted the cabinet in a creamy white diy chalk paint.  I purposely was not worried about the back, since I will add fabric for some interest.

I cut some cardboard and wrapped the fabric around it.  I secured it with tape.  This way the fabric can be switched out if I ever change the color of my room.

I also painted the doors in the same color.
I was going for a tin tile look.  There is more detail in my faux tin tile post on how I did this.  I could use dark wax to bring them out a little more, or do some distressing to make them look chippy and old, but for now it is going to remain like this.

Do you see why I love it so much? 

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  1. That's beautiful, Sara, especially the doors!

  2. Wow! I have never seen anything like this piece. You made it awesome!

  3. I have to say that it is pretty awesome! It looks fabulous! To thinking was free. What a lucky girl!

  4. What is Glacage and how do you use it? Where do you buy it? This is really gorgeous! You did a wonderful job.

  5. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. I meant to leave my email address above so you could respond to my questions if you wouldn't mind. I wwould love to try something like this. It's an absolutely wonderful peice with such a beautiful design.

  6. This is absolutely FANTASTIC

    What a great job you did with the Glacage, and PIPING it was a cool IDEA!

  7. ooooh what a beauty! I definitely in love with it!