Friday, May 31, 2013

How to make a foot stool

I am slowly getting to some of those pieces that have been lying around waiting to be built.  I collect and store things I know can be made into something...someday.  I am trying to shrink those boxes of stored items in order to make room for more, of course!
I had some legs I made from a chair, an old cutting board and I put them together.  This is how it goes.
This cutting board was probably not protected (you know how you are suppose to oil bamboo?)  It had a few splinters on it from getting too dry.  Now it needs a new life.
I drilled holes in the corners of the cutting board and in the little feet.  Using wood glue and some long screws I attached them.  I didn't bother with the usual way to attach feet since this is very low to the ground and weighs hardly anything.
Once all the feet were attached, I cut 2 pieces of foam.
Lay the foam on top of your fabric...yes, this fabric is different than the one in the first photo.  The other one was just a little too skinny.  I stapled on all 4 sides pulling slightly as I secured the fabric.  I also folded under the fabric to make sure any fraying wouldn't show eventually.
Sorry about this photo- it's hard to do this one handed and take a photo with the other.  My finger must have gotten in the way.  So on the corner I folded it like a present then pulled it tight up toward the foot. Securing it with a staple on both sides of the foot will make sure that the fabric lays as flat as possible.
A brand new foot stool with re purposed items! 

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  1. My my goodness! That's just GENIUS! Way to upcycle! :-)
    Visiting from My Repurposed Life.

  2. Very cool! So clever, I never would have thought of that!!

    Cher @ Designs by Studio C

  3. What a sweet idea....and I bet (unlike mine) it has a little more weight to it so it won't scoot across the floor easily, lol...and I love the fabric!

  4. Thank you so much, that's perfect. Now I can show hubs how you did that and I'll get the footstool I REALLY wanted him to make. I bought an ottoman at Goodwill but it's just more than I can handle, it's size is way too big for our l/r. Just want to be able to put my feet up when I sit in our Habitat chair I bought couple years ago (that needs reupholstering).
    You did such a great job showing how to do this, love the fabric.
    We were very lucky, got some chair legs, table legs,lots of random pieces of lumber but very good for making things out of them, it was all free, yeahoo. I'll be digging out in shed tomorrow to find what I need to make my footstool. Great tutorial. Happy weekend

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    - The Tablescaper

  6. great repurpose!

    thanks for sharing at catch as catch can!