Friday, May 17, 2013

How to Dress up a Dresser

I have been wanting to dress up a plain dresser for a while now.  I finally found one!
Here is the victim.  A simple dresser in decent shape.  Don't you love all those mismatched knobs?  You can see the top was coming off and it had a missing corner. 
I went with it and took the top off to find particle board underneath.  *frown*

Here is a look at the bottom of the dresser from the inside after I added a board to attach legs to.  It didn't really have anything that would be stable, so I went with a full sized board cut to fit perfectly.

Here is a look from the bottom.  I attached some legs I made.  The legs were from the headboard I cut apart to make the coat rack shelf.
I attached the legs using the same method I used when I showed you in detail "how to attach legs to furniture".  EXCEPT this time I used a T-nut because I had access to the other side of the board.
It is a simpler method, but you cannot always use it.
Cute legs, huh?

To add even more detail to this dresser, I used the top and the bottom drawer.
Used a stencil to add...
Glacage just to a portion of the stencil in the top corners of the top drawer and the bottom corners of the bottom drawer.
I filled in the holes with wood filler, and prepped for painting.

I painted it a beautiful aqua blue using diy chalk paint.  Drawer pulls were added to the center of each drawer.

The detail I added with the Glacage was lightly sanded to help them stand out.
The dresser was protected using Vermont Natural Coating wipe on polywhey.

On the top of the dresser, I used a coordinating fabric to cover the particle board.  I did this using mod podge. I sprayed over the fabric with some clear coat spray paint.
There it is.  A dressed up dresser.

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  1. very pretty dresser. Love the color, and the embellishments you added. (oh and the legs) :)