Thursday, April 11, 2013

Update a headboard using a curtain

This headboard had seen better days.  It had a few broken pieces and the paint job wasn't the best.  Yet, despite all that, it had potential.
I started by cutting off to top portion of the headboard.  It got a good cleaning as well.

I cut a piece of foam to size then laid out the curtain I used.  Yes, you heard right, a curtain.  Our Goodwill gets things Target cannot or did not sell and then sells them for cheap.  I grabbed a pair up and this is the only one I have left.
I flipped it over and placed it where I wanted it.

I pulled it tight from all sides and tucked the ends under as I stapled it.    Once I was finished stapling, I decorated the headboard some nail head trim tacks I had.  They were waiting for a project just like this.
That's better!  Now can  you see the potential?

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  1. wow, so clever! I love the result!!!! thanks for sharing!

  2. Beautiful - that could be an easy change out for whatever you decorate with!! Pinned & Tweeted!!

  3. Cool! And it looks simple yet elegant. Now I need to get a headboard.

  4. That's a really neat idea. I hate our headboard but never thought of covering it!

  5. It's a clever idea, I can always change the look by changing the "cover".

  6. good job. love it. so beautiful

  7. I hope to do something different to my chair cushions using a similar technique, thank you for sharing!

  8. how clever to cut off the top of this headboard! love the trim.

    catching you!


  9. Very nice job and congrats on the Feature over at Catch As Catch Can @ My Repurposed Life :)

    Suz @MaytagnMom
    NW Illinois

  10. I Love the Rabbit thing. Well done

  11. Oh great job - looks wonderful, thank you for sharing @ The Mommy Archive Alice x