Wednesday, April 3, 2013

How to fix a broken chair arm

I am going to share some tips with you today.  Not all is lost when an arm brakes off a chair.  Bonus- you get the whole chair makeover too!
This poor chair was being tossed out because of it's broken arm.  Besides the dated fabric, there was nothing else wrong with it.
As you can see from this photo, the dowel busted.  They gave it their best shot to fix it with some wood glue and nails...I had to sand a long time to get all that wood glue residue off!  After sanding, I drilled a hole in the arm and one in the post large enough to fit a new dowel.  I did the same with the arm and the back of the chair.
I slathered it with wood glue both on the post and the arm.  I repeated the gluing on the chair back and the other end of the arm.
Here it is clamped and drying.
Now we begin the fun part...the chair makeover.
I tore off the blue fabric and sanded the chair to get rid of the brown paint. I also had a few nail holes to fill.

I used a diy chalk paint in matched my fabric choice.  I protected it with Vermont Natural Coatings wipe on polywhey
I covered the front of the back of the chair and the seat.  The back of the back of the chair (what else do you call it?) I painted with cream fabric paint since I only had enough of this awesome fabric to do the 2 places.  Since the fabric was in good shape, I could get away with this.
It's bright and springy now, don't you think?

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