Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What's black and white and gorgeous?

This fabulous chair is!
I made over it's twin a while back trying my hand at upholstery painting.
I have to tell you. I love this one much better than the painted one and am going to have to redo that one again!
It all started with a pair of chairs I received from my husband's boss.
Solid shape, great legs, even the fabric was in excellent condition.  Wrong colors, though.
They needed an update. I will show you how I reupholstered this one.
I took all the old fabric off...except the back.
I mixed up some diy chalk paint...yes I use a beater on my drill.  It is the best way to be sure all the paint is mixed and it saves my arms.  How do you mix your paint?

After she was all painted and coated with some Vermont Natural Coatings wipe on polywhey. (if you are not sure what that is see the post I did on it here). I picked out some awesome fabric to make this chair gorgeous.  Thanks again Mary!
When you tear off old fabric you can use that fabric as a template to cut out your new fabric.  Sometimes, though if the fabric is nasty it's better to just cut as you go.
In this picture I am showing you how to go about covering up those spots under the arms that would show.  Use a small piece of fabric, staple underneath then fold it down and staple it under the chair.  I had to do this for the arms and for 2 pieces on the back of the chair.
From there, take the fabric for the seat and fold it under as you bring it around the arms of the chair.  Once you have all those points cut and folded just right.  Go ahead and staple the fabric all around the underside of the chair.
When you get to the front legs, tuck one end under like you are folding a present.  Tack a staple to hold it in place.
Fold the fabric down to finish the "present".  From there I used a pin to hold it in place while I got to work on the bottom portion.  I like to fold under the ends that cover the leg and stitch them in place, unless I am using a decorative trim. (sorry for the blurry photo)

On this type of chair, the back of the seat is the easiest part.  Cut your fabric a little larger than the area so you can tuck under the ends as you staple it around.
I am a firm believer in salvaging what you can.  This is the piping that was on the chair when I took it off.  I decided to give it a coat of black acrylic paint mixed with a fabric medium- a very handy way to use fabric paint.  I ended up gluing the piping on the chair.  I tried the staples, but they were still showing.  With this type of piping, staples go in the center of the 2 cords so they don't show.  (that wasn't working this time)

I also used this fabric paint on the back of the chair since the fabric was in excellent condition, for a little contrast and to save some staple pulling (which is a very tedious task).

I like it sooo much better.  Now, what will the other one look like?  I will have to check my fabrics and we will have to see!

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  1. You did amazing job there! I am always afraid to explore furnitures, only with food. Stopping by from busy bees blog hop. Blessings~