Friday, March 22, 2013

Make your own corbel with scraps

I have some moulding and scrap wood that I keep in a pile.  I am not very thorough in photos for this project as I was simply trying something out to see if it would work.  I am happy with the results, so I am sharing it with you.
I used wood glue to add the moulding scraps to 2 small pieces of scrap wood.  I glued and nailed the 2 boards together.
I just kept piecing it together like a puzzle until I was happy with how the spaces were filled in.  The boards are maybe 3" each to give you an idea.  I painted it with some white diy chalk paint I had already mixed.
Here it is hanging up, it would look very nice with something on top, but I was rushing as usual.

Use everything you've got.

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  1. Well, isn't that fun! Corbels are so expensive! I've been looking for some trim pieces for a project and I can't believe how much money they can cost!
    way to go!

  2. This is really pretty. What a creative way to use up your scraps!

    Val @