Monday, March 18, 2013

Headboard bench stained with vinegar

Yes, this title is correct.  I used vinegar  and steel wool to stain the bench seat.  Lets get started and I will show you how it went.

It all started with this twin headboard.  Yes, that green blob is gum!  Lovely...good thing it was easy to get off.
This is a frame I got from the same bench I turned into free storage.

I used the rest of 2 of the legs I cut for my door coffee table.  I cut off the angled top and unscrewed the bolt.

I used 2 pieces of 2x4 to connect to the frame to make it the length of the headboard.  The legs were attached to the 2x4s and the frame.  The frame was then attached to the headboard with L brackets and screws.
After filling in any holes with wood filler, I painted it with diy chalk paint in black.

I cut some 2x6 boards to make the seat.

The first step in staining with vinegar is to soak steel wool in vinegar for 1-2 days.  Next step, you brew some tea and paint the boards with the tea.  The photo above is after I painted with tea.  Let the boards dry. Then paint with the vinegar.
This photo shows how the wood has changed after being painted with vinegar.  I was excited it worked, not that I had doubts from seeing other people use this technique.  I am doubly excited that it is non-toxic!  I am all for that!  Anything to decrease exposure to toxins, especially since I am redoing furniture all the time.

I used a liquid nails clear adhesive to attach the decorative knobs on the headboard.  This glue is waterproof and weatherproof (it can freeze) and it will be fine.
The boards were then nailed onto the frame to create the seat.  I did this after the staining to make sure the stain worked, and to be able to get all over the boards.
The center board is a little dark.  While nailing the boards, one cracked through so we had to replace it.  That is why the center board is darker, because it isn't dry yet. 
I coated it with some indoor/outdoor poly to protect it.

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  1. What a fun makeover! Thanks for sharing at Silver Pennies Sundays!

  2. Wow, it turned out gorgeous! I admire your handiness, being able to build a bench with various pieces like that!

    Thank you for stopping by my little blog. Hope you have a lovely Easter week-end!