Monday, March 25, 2013

Hand stamped ottoman

Ok, so I have done ottomans before and I wanted to try something different this time.  I came across this one that needed a makeover, bad.  It looked like it lost 20 pounds and was still wearing its original cover.
See what I mean?  Interesting.
I stripped it down of the original fabric and the foam.

(those little white spots on my floor are "gold pieces", my kids wanted to try to catch a leprechaun. LOL You will see them in almost every picture)
I cut new foam out of a mattress pad and used hot glue to set it in place.  I do not like using the spray glue- too stinky and not good for me or the environment.
From there I chose (once again) drop cloth fabric, as I still had some left over from other projects.  I pinned it inside out around the ottoman then sewed the cover together.
I put it on and began stapling it to the frame.  If you do one in the middle on opposite sides it helps to pull it snug.  Then continue to go all the way around alternating sides until you get to the corners. 
I finished by stapling the black fabric back on and screwing the legs in.
I mixed up some fabric medium with some white latex paint.  Using the same diy stamp I used for the mug rack I made, I randomly stamped all over the ottoman.

FYI I first tested it on scrap fabric to make sure it would turn out ok.
Fun, right?

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  1. Love how your ottoman came out. The stamped pattern is very pretty. Thanks for sharing at Silver Pennies Sundays! x